To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{October 21, 2009}   Family politics strike again

My dad emailed me and my sisters to let us know that my aunts and cousins were arranging for a near-Christmas dinner at a fancy restaurant, and did we want to go? I thought about it for near a week before I emailed him back. My aunts and uncles are all anti-gay, and, uh, I’m dating DK who, though she might occasionally get mistaken for a guy, she is definitely female. And so am I. So I emailed my dad to ask for advice. I don’t want to hide from my family, but I don’t want to cause undue strife, either. This is an excerpt from what he sent me back:

So here is my thinking: You are a beautiful and valuable part of the family. Who you are and who you love is also beautiful and valuable. Would your bringing [DK] to Christmas at the [restaurant] cause distress and worry on the part of a few sisters? Perhaps. …Probably. Would it cause distress to me and your mom via my sisters’ later reactions? Absolutely not. […]

So would it be “appropriate” for you and [DK] to attend Christmas dinner? How could it not be? Christmas is a time of love and family, and [DK] is the person you love–and that makes her part of our family. […]

I know this is an important issue for you, J. You are a valuable, worthy, and beautiful person, as is [DK]. I’d love to be with both of you at the [restaurant], but I will support you in whatever you decide.

I love my family. His email keeps making me sniffle, and it reminds me how lucky I am to have such a loving, accepting family. We rock. 😀



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