To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{January 1, 2010}   First comment! …wait…

You know those commenters who leave a comment but all it says is “first comment!”? No? Um. That might just be my geekiness showing. Move along, move along!

In other news, the chick on my site totally looks like me! If I had long hair and was animated. Shuddup.

Uh. I’d like to put something brilliant and awesome on here, but I’m dying of exhaustion and all I can really think about is going to bed and to sleep. I have, however, started a list of things I want to write about! And I suppose I can do an intro post.

Hi! This is me. I’m single again, as of a week ago, and it’s REALLY WEIRD. I was talking to my friend and neighbor, K, last night, and we were talking about that vibe you get when you’re single. Suddenly, you NOTICE people. I can only hope they’re noticing me, because as of right now I’m feeling a little lost as to how to go about finding others. I keep thinking, “I’m interested in a minority. In a minority of a minority. For the love’a…” And then I read other blogs from women who have no problems finding butch women, and I flail a little. How am I not noticing these people?! Seriously, I was walking around with DK (my new-ex, old friend) and SHE was pointing out butch women to me, and I wasn’t seeing them. I used to do this even when I was dating men, so I figure I’m DOOMED. *shakes head sadly*

The good news is, I’m in the bay area. And I did a websearch for lesbian bars and whatnot (why, I don’t know, I don’t even LIKE bars… but I might try anyway), and found one where the major complaint from the clientele was that there was too many butch women. I thought to myself, “HOORAY! NIRVANA!” And K volunteered to be my wingman, and I think my friend Nezu will probably be a wingman, too. I also discovered that there’s a lesbian bookclub. That might be more my style, we’ll see. 😉 (Though, honestly, I can read books on my own. I’d really like someone to go hiking with and play with dogs and go do things. I want someone outdoorsy. We’ll see. I keep reminding myself – patience! Never in my life have I actually cared about whether or not I was in a relationship, and now I’m actually interested. It’s a strange place to find myself.) (Wow, that was a killer long tangent!)

Man. I need to get people to read this blog so that I can plumb their minds for ideas… Right now, I’m not sure what to do. It’s a little disheartening. 😦 And now that I’m disheartened, I think I’ll go watch bad movies and sleep.



Nezuko says:

I will totally be your wingman. I was also talking to my friend Alan, who is a folk dancer, about Queer Contra Dances which happen once a month in the City. Maybe we could go to those some time? And some of my friends at church are plugged into a roaming lesbian dance scene that seems to have periodic events on the peninsula. I had to miss the last two, but I want to go to the next one, and it’d be way more fun if you were with me.

On another note entirely – I need your sage Femme advice on whether I should cut my hair, since while you deepen your femme journey, I seem to be traveling the butch path.

JB says:

Man, I would love to go gay dancing! *laughs* There’s also a couple of bars I’ve found now that seem like they’re more pool-playing bars than clubbing bars, which appeals to me more. One for lesbians specifically in SF, and one for all gay people that women actually go to in San Jose. I’d be up for going and playing (bad) pool…

Hair — hmmm. I think it’d look good short, if that’s what you’re asking. If you’re asking if I think it would be the right thing for you, I can’t answer that! But I can offer two bits of advice: 1. I will grow back out if you don’t like it! And 2. Go into a room, think about it, and check in with your stomach. If it’s in knots, bad idea! If it’s not, good idea! ;-D Random hair fact: the majority of women who are ready for a change in their lives — be that spiritual, growing as a person, moving, or whatever — start by changing their hair. ;-D


Phi says:

*totally jumps in on the conversation* >.> Wow, I want to live where you guys are! Can we go gay dancing next time I visit? 😀 Contra dancing is enormous amounts of fun, even in the non-gay variety.

Also, clearly I’m ready for a change, because I just totally changed my hair… (Now shorter, dark, and layered. Still curly!). I vote go for it, Nezu, unless it you’re really nervous about it. Because, yeah, it grows back. And then you’ll know what it looks like short!

JB says:

Phi – *cracks UP* You should totally live where we are! I can’t wait to go gay dancing. *grins*

And, dudette, welcome to the majority of women! Because I think becoming a doctor, applying for other jobs, and looking at possibly moving out of state are big enough changes to note with a hair-change earmark. *grins* (I wanna see it! It sounds really cute! :D)


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