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{January 11, 2010}   My year in cliffnotes

It wasn’t until I read Alpha Femme‘s account of the last year that I realized how much I’d done this year. And because this is an account of what I’ve done, I’m going to leave out the things I wished I’d done, or done better. I didn’t; I may as well take pleasure in what I did do!

– Over the holidays last year, I edited By Degrees and Second Hope for publication. On January 13th, the same day I turned 29, I moved out of my apartment in SoCal. Over the next months (until April) I moved roughly every 3 weeks, from various client’s places (housesitting) to road tripping (to Utah for the heck of it), to staying with my parents, to visiting NorCal in the hopes I’d find a place to live.

– In March (or thereabouts) I made a contact in NorCal for work. That same month, Second Hope and By Degrees came out in ebook format. In April I moved up to NorCal, having found an apartment and seen it in person, and went from a 2 bedroom apartment to a studio. Somehow, I managed it. 😉 Lots of friends turned out to help me move and settle me in.

– I was going to try and keep this chronological, but damned if I can remember what order things happened. Over the summer I saved money to go see my girlfriend, Dark, in England, and built up a much larger clientele. I started paying my bills in late summer from my income, rather than pulling money from my savings account. My grandfather grew ill, and while trying to earn enough to pay my bills I also drove back down to SoCal to see him.

– I edited In the Rough, and had it published in late summer. By Degrees and In the Rough both came out in print, and I started re-editing Second Hope to do the same.

– I wrote a short story, and had it published. I wrote several freebie short stories.

– I went nuts over Star Trek, and alternately read, wrote, or plotted various stories (many of which still haven’t been finished). My friend Ashlan came to visit several times, as did my little sister, Chelsea.

– Thanks to Dark, I discovered femme/butch stuff, and realized there was finally something I identified with. I went a little crazy. ;-D

– I went to YaoiCon to do book signings, which was extremely difficult for me (I get crowd-claustrophobic), but successfully made it through the weekend. Had a meltdown afterward, but got through that, too. In fact, over the summer I started working on mental, spiritual and emotional balance, started going to the gym and getting more veggies in my diet, as well as the ever-constant letting go of old hurts and anger. I started reading “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up,” as my new spiritual balance book, and writing about what I read as a way to see into it more deeply than I usually do.

– I went to England for 2 weeks to see Dark, and went camping there and visited Whitby and did other fun stuff. Also got the first inkling that something was off between us, but that was okay. We decided to keep going, because things became normal again as I was there.

– I had a lot of meltdowns, and after England realized that I’d been pretty burned out and needed to work on a way to keep that from happening. I started working on all of the above, and taking time off for myself.

– My grandfather died, bring up all sorts of emotional turmoil I hadn’t been aware of. My grandmother on my dad’s side followed shortly thereafter.

– I wrote another novel, and submitted it for publication.

– Dark came to visit, and we had a blast. Got fancified and went to see The Nutcracker, saw my friend Nezu’s play (or part of it, since they were doing it a bit a week), saw lots of good movies, had an excellent email conversation with my dad about taking Dark to meet his (very conservative) family over Christmas, went to see his (very conservative) family over Christmas, had him go to bat for my girlfriend, Dark broke up with me (but it was okay), went on a roadtrip with her up the Cali coast, teased each other mercilessly about houses on cliff faces, agreed this was probably the most amiable break-up in the history of break-ups, and had a blast dragging Nezu to see The Princess and the Frog.

– I started a femme blog, in addition to my personal and author blogs, and read about a gazillion femme and butch books and blogs. I got a lot of things clear in my head regarding myself and my sexuality, and realized I’m ready for a new relationship. Now I’m working on how to find one.

– And… that ended the year. Though I do keep thinking I forgot something. 😉



what a whirlwind of a year! I’m glad you de-lurked and started yr own blog, and thanks for commenting on mine.

also, woohoo norcal! are you in sf?

JB says:

*grins* I’ve been blog hopping like mad. *laughs* Yours is linked all over!

I’m in San Jose, but I’ve seen so many people up in sf recently that I suspect I’ll be making the drive on a semi-regular basis!


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