To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{January 21, 2010}   infoseeking…

Okay, can someone tell me how to make it so that my picture goes in that little square when I comment somewhere, rather than just a random image? Here’s what I did, that I thought would work:

1. I went to “Settings”

On the right hand side there’s a picture of me, under a heading that says “Blog picture/Icon.”

I browsed for a picture, then clicked “Upload.”

It asked me to crop it. I did so. It said, “Yay! Now this picture will be used when you comment!” But I’ve since commented, and there is no picture. It’s just some abstract green and white image. 😦

If I look at the “Blog picture/icon” sidebar, it DOES have a picture of me, and it says below the picture:
“Upload a picture (jpeg or png) to be used as your blog image across We will let you crop it after you upload.”

And then it has the browse, upload and delete buttons that are how I got the picture of me up. Does it just take several days to start working? That makes no sense. Did I put it in the wrong area? I admit, I’m not computer savvy. I know DK managed to get an image there (but she is computer savvy, damn her), but I can’t figure out how to make mine work. Help!



Hey, J. It sounds like you did everything correctly! If you can see the avatar in your Dashboard, you may just have to be patient and wait for it to show up in public. WordPress gets kinda funky sometimes. Last time I changed my picture, it took WEEKS for it to show up consistently. I would see it when I was on my home computer, but not on my work computer. I would see the new pic on some blogs, and the old pic on other blogs AT THE SAME TIME. So all I can say is: be patient. There’s no secret.

PS. My trackbacks and pingbacks don’t work either. I contacted WordPress Help about it a while ago, but eventually I got frustrated by robotic Customer Service and gave up on the whole thing. Good luck!!

JB says:

Ahh, okay, thanks. At one point I had another username, and I lost the password. They never did send it to me — I checked my spambox and everything. o.O My business blog is lost to the cosmos, now…


G says:

My icon shows up because I used Gravatar. That basically allows me to choose the image I want to use and attaches it to my email address. It has less to do with WP than it does with me entering my email address when I leave comments …

JB says:

*laughs!* Oh, man, I haven’t even heard of Gravatar. My picture is starting to show up occasionally now, so I’m going to cross my fingers and hope I don’t have to look up another program. ;-D Thank you!


Dark says:

Sounds like you did everything I did, pretty much exactly as I did it. I’d guess that Undercover Punk is right — WordPress is just being an ass.

JB says:

…have I told you lately how much I hate that you have such good internet-fu? It’s not fair, I tell ya! 😉


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