To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{January 24, 2010}   SEX! Now that I have your attenion…

Ha ha, I lied! This is a mini-post, talking about talking about sex! Ahhh, I’m such a tease. 😀

So after my last post about talking about sex, I hit a snag. See, I wasn’t about to discuss my actual sex life. That involves (well, involved, past tense, but I AM EVER HOPEFUL) other people. It’s not cool to talk about other peoples’ sex lives in a public forum, and it would appear I’m not making passwords for anything. (As if I know how.)

Which left me wondering — what do I talk about? I could talk about current fantasies, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to get THAT personal. Baby steps, here! I could talk about masturbating, but I wouldn’t want to read that in someone else’s blog. (Which is the point of being able to scroll, if someone doesn’t want to read it, but shuddup. Your logic doesn’t belong here.)  I was trying to come up with some other thing when DK told me about a link a mutual friend posted, to a blog called Sex is Not the Enemy (that links is so NSFW). And you know what? I CAN TOTALLY WRITE ABOUT THIS.

So, here’s my new plan. To write about the pictures I like. What turns me on, what I think of, what I’d like to try — whatever! Still likely under  a cut, so I can pretend I’m not bothering those people who would be disgusted. They can scroll on by, and I can be less freaked out about sex stuff! Woo hoo!

In other news, I have a going list now of things to blog about. Including an interesting observation in the email from someone who interests me, versus those who don’t, a related thing my little sister pointed out, and a change in my attitudes lately toward bars.


Magic 8 ball says: It’s undecided. (I need a magic 8 ball. I really do.) Right now, I ought to go to bed. Possibly finish responding to the lovely comments I’ve gotten. Maybe check other blogs. You know, things like that. 😀



[…] doing that is, ironically, for healthy reasons. After I found Sex is Not the Enemy (sidebar!) and decided I’d write about that, I realized that, well, I didn’t mind writing about that. I think […]

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