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{February 3, 2010}   PICTURES!

To combat the thinkiness of the last post on labels (and because I’m a camera whore, let’s call it like it is), I bring you… THE PICTURE POST!

Mwahahaha. 😀


My goodness, that’s a big picture of my arm. >.>

I also have a fondness for hats. And ribbons around my throat. Preferably at the same time. 😀

And look, I painted my nails! (Okay, this has become a regular occurrence, but I was in a picture taking mood, and they were SO SHINY.)

And finally, you know what parrots and femmes share? We both like to preen. 😀 This is my (butch — can’t you tell?) parrot, Bobby da Bird. (Not to be confused with any other Bobby who isn’t a bird.)

Bobby da Bird enjoys stealing kisses, neck rubs, and a good glass of wine. (I wish I were kidding.)  (On second thought, like mother like… bird? He has good taste. :D)

I feel like I ought to pace  myself, and not post three posts in one day. I could totally write up my sex talk entry now, while I’m in a writing mood and have time. >.> Oh, sure, I could write it up and then set it to post itself later, but that would require delaying satisfaction. OH THE HORROR. And somehow it seems people on official blogs post a lot less than I’m used to. My god. They might have lives outside the internet? I dunno about that… I think it’s a myth.

Anyway, I’ll be online all day tomorrow, so I think I should turn it off now and start trying to wind down. Wish me luck. 😉



Maelie says:


… I’m sorry. You’re cute too. But I have my priorities.


JB says:

*grins* Well, he is a scene stealer… ;-D


Nezuko says:

Bobby da Bird, I’d like to point out, is a devious, manipulative little twerp who regularly bites the hand that feeds, and besmirches the good name of butches everywhere.

You look fabulous, however. I am impressed by and envious of your muscles. Maybe even enough to get my lazy ass back to the gym.

I”mm be around all day tomorrow on line if you wanna pop on and say hi.

DK says:

Bobby da Bird: Butch in training.

Clearly we need to get him some teeny ass-kicker boots and dye his feathers plaid.

Also, JB, serious kudos on the muscles! They were impressive the last time I saw them, but now they’re really coming along. Congrats! 😀

JB says:

He would look AWESOME in ass kicker boots and plaid feathers! If only I had photoshop, I’d show you. ;-D

Thank you! 😀 And that picture isn’t even very good; the shadowing got washed out. But they’re bigger than they look! 😀


JB says:

He’s a dom, BDSM butch, that’s all!

I got my ass back to the gym this morning and ran FOREVER (like, 30 whole minutes!) to try and counter the nachos and pie of the last few days. Ohhhh, nachos and pie, why do you have to be so very tasty?


oooo pretty nails! I painted mine on Sunday — dark purple. I should take pictures too! I’m camera shy and don’t want my face on my blog but I can take pictures of other things! and no, that’s not pervie.

and I WISH I could post 3x a day. I have a backlog of things I want to write about. every time I have something I want to write about, I sketch it to myself in an email and send it to myself. I’ve got like, 12 of those sitting in my inbox right now. TIME, WHERE ARE YOU, AND WHY DO YOU HIDE FROM ME?

JB says:

You should totally take pictures of your nails! And then other things. In a non-pervie way. *grins* The world would like to see! ;-D

Oh, man, I have LISTS of things to post about — both on paper and in the drafts on wordpress. As soon as they pass that bill putting eight days in the week, I’ll be so much happier… 😉


G says:

Oooh, official blogs? Where do I find one of those?

I post a ton, then not much, then regularly, and basically any time the mood strikes. I say do what you want.

Nice photos, by the way. I’ve been inspired lately to maybe add more photos or even do a video post or two. We’ll see how far I get with that.

JB says:

*LAUGHS!* Oh, come on. Official blogs are totally wordpress, blogger, etc — as opposed to a community/social blog like livejournal or dreamwidth, which are treated slightly differently. People actually put thought into the posts here!

…do what I want. Heh. That’s SUCH a dangerous thing to say, really…

Thank you! You should; photos are fun! It’s always neat to see what people look/sound like and the things they enjoy. It makes blogs seem like real people, instead of text on a screen. At least in my opinion!


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