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{February 17, 2010}   update!

a double update, taken from my personal journal:

2/14 I wrote:


update: doubled my pain meds today from 7.5-325 (narcoctics-acetameniphen) on the percoset scale, to 15-650, near the highest you’re allowed. they start most people off on 2.5-325. woooooooo. but it made my hand stop hurting, FINALLY. (actually, i could still feel it. i just didn’t care.)

swelling is down (not gone) and redness is gone. i have an app’t with the hand doc tomorrow, and i’m hoping he’ll at least tell me i can stop packing it, since that’s causing the most pain right now. i’m feeling MUCH better though. a bad infection is much like being sick: lots of laying around, unable to function, whimpering. yay for my dad being here. 🙂 below the read more is gory, gory pictures. ha ha!

click to enlarge! this was thurs, with the stitches in. my other hand is there for swelling comparison. 🙂

and this is saturday, after the debridement. it still looks like this.
twice a day i open up those wounds and stuff them with medicated strips. this is packing. lovely, huh? there’s other scratches too, but all minor. today the bruising set in, so it’s all turning purple, too. fun. 😉 i’m still amazed at how deep they both are. the little one is between my index and middle finger, the other — far more painful one – is near the outside of my hand. that one hurts like a sonofabitch.

i am going to have some brag-worthy scars. dad leaves tomorrow, and if i’m still packing this mom might come up. otherwise, i’ll convince her i have people around to help me – something my dad’s realized, i think, though i’m glad he’s been here.

and now, percoset’s kicked in. off i go to torture myself!


and today, i wrote:


there are still two holes in my hand, but they are more shallow than they were! my dad headed home yesterday, i still have to pack the wounds, but only lightly. i’m planning on going back to work — short days — tomorrow. yay! i’m also allowed/encouraged to use my hand, so i’d planned on answering some emails and things, but after two short ones my hand is throbbing. so, uh, less computer time than i’d hoped. >.<

all in all, things are healing slowly, and i am still okay. 🙂



Kelly says:

Congrats! Your blog has been nominated for a Lezzy Award in the Best New Lesbian Blog category. For more information on this years awards visit:

JB says:

*laughs* Thank you! 🙂


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