To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{March 8, 2010}   Femme Conference!

You guys! There’s a femme conference Aug 19-22 in Oakland, CA! Who wants to go with me? 😀



Nezuko says:

link error, check your html?

I think I”d feel even more out of place there than I do in a dress, but… Dude. It sounds kind of interesting.

JB says:

Link fixed, thanks!

*grins* Allies are totally encouraged… 😉


I want to go so bad it’s not even funny. Unfortunately that weekend I will be in Vermont for my lady’s sister’s wedding 😦 😦 😦 GODDAMNIT.

JB says:

Oh, MAN! 😦 I’ll, uh, keep you updated! 😉


Marie says:

I just came across your blog (via Fit for a Femme) and wanted to say hi, and I’d love to go with you! I’m planning to volunteer there, though they haven’t gotten back to me with all the details yet. Oh–and I was there for Ivan Coyote’s SF gig (the “To all the beautiful, kick-ass femmes out there” video that keeps going around), which was incredible. I’ve been a fan for years, and was so excited to finally get to see/meet him live.

Anyway–I love your blog, and would love to talk more!


JB says:

Oh, how cool! Maybe we can meet up there. 🙂

Re Ivan: I’m so jealous. Somehow I TOTALLY MISSED that Ivan was even in SF! 😦 Hopefully she’ll come back… We can tempt him back with, uh… well, shoot, everything we have they have in Vancouver! Damn! 😉


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