To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{March 17, 2010}   spring fever!

I have a post percolating.

But before I do that, I have an announcement to make! I have spring fever. OMFG, I HAVE SPRING FEVER SO BAD. So if my friend can’t make it kayaking with me in San Fran on Sunday, do any of you other blog people want to do something in person? Because I have got to get out of the house, and that’s always more fun with friends… but all my friends have plans this Sunday. It’s really, really tragic.

But an excuse to meet more folks, right? RIGHT! 😀


Edit: She can make it, it looks like! This doesn’t guarantee I won’t chew my own arm off before then, but it’s a start. 😀


ohmygod kayaking in SF? I WANNA GO!!!!!

except, wait! I will be in palm springs on sunday. where it will be 85 degrees and sunny, and I will be hiking in the desert and then sunning by the pool.

almost as cool as kayaking in san francisco 😉

side note: can we please hang out?

JB says:

OH MY GOD. YOU HAVE PLANS THIS SUNDAY, TOO. *dies* That’s kind of brilliant, really. *grins* But there’s a whole summer of sunny Sundays coming up, and we can definitely go kayaking another time! (I grew up about an hour from Palm Springs. I hope you have fun! ;))

Side note: We should TOTALLY hang out! When will you be back from PS?


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