To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{March 21, 2010}   Eye candy

Every time I go through my blog roll, I’m struck by all the eye candy. Mmm, thank you butches, for supplying me with eye candy.

I’m also struck by how fun, cool, and extremely hot it is that ‘butch’ doesn’t mean ’emulate men’s fashions,’ but rather, ‘take the masculine and make it yours.’ Ties with fun patterns, fedoras, vests — all sorts of interesting things that I rarely, if ever, see on men I see on butches. It’s so damn hot.

Mmm. Eye candy.

Someday I’ll A. respond to comments and B. have  a post of substance. But not today! Today, I’m going kayaking. YAY!

(Re: A. Regarding the conversations that are cropping up from my last post — remember to play nice, guys.)



G says:

Well hey, from this butch – thanks! It’s always nice to read something appreciative!

How was kayaking? I was so j.

JB says:

*grins* You’re welcome! I appreciate being able to appreciate you. ;-D

Kayaking was AWESOME. It was a perfect day, and my friend K and I kayaked past houseboats and spent the rest of the afternoon making up zany plans to live on a houseboat and make our living donating eggs, since we’re both pretty and intelligent. (In our totally modest opinions, we decided who wouldn’t want our eggs? ;-D) We could kayak to shore to go to the store, see fireworks from the bay, and there was grass and a park nearby for the dogs! *laughs* It was a blast. ;-D


[…] belong here, anyway!) My problem comes mostly in the form of language. Let me say this now: I love butch bodies. I don’t think that’s in doubt. ;-D DK and Q have very different butch bodies. DK […]

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