To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{April 16, 2010}   And now for something completely different!

At least, different from the last slightly downer post I tossed up. 😉

Now, I have some eye candy, an Ivan video, a  funny video, and an exchange that cracked me up for you! Woo hoo! Videos and exchange first. 😀

So, Ivan E. Coyote was at Speak Up! and did her love letter to femmes. (I have such a brain-crush on Ivan, it’s not even funny.) And someone got it on video! Awwww. It makes me all warm’n’fuzzy.

(If you don’t want to sit through the video, you can find the text here.)


So, the other day Q showed me this video (not work safe, exactly, though it’s not terribly bad):

Then today, after Q and I have been sexting each other all day, we have this text exchange:

Q: I just cut my nails. You know what that means *wink wink*
JB: LMAO! It’s business time?
Q: LMAO! Hilarious come back. Should I wear my business socks?
JB: LOL! Only if you can last more than five minutes in them!
Q: Ahhhahahahaha! It was 2 minutes, and I’ll do my very best!

Oh, god, we kill me with laughter. *grins*

Finally, I have eye candy for you. I got permission to put this pic of Q online. She says gorgeous is an acceptable word to use, because she would assume I meant her body or, alternately, she’d just take it as a compliment meant. So I give you this picture of her gorgeous body. Or hot body. Or sexy body. Or any other term you’d like to use (except pretty). See, I can put this online because she has no head. OMG! I’m dating the headless horse– …butch. 😉 But I’ll put it behind a cut, because even there are no bits showing, she is shirtless. 😀

OMG! I am a happy little femme. 😀



I can see why you’re a happy little femme! Also, totally love that song.

And you know this kind of fun exchange is a great reward for all the hard work you’ve been doing!

JB says:

I keep getting that song stuck in my head and find myself humming it throughout the day! *laughs*

*grins* It is a good reward! Quin is pretty darn awesome at noticing leaps forward and saying how impressed she is, which is also incredibly awesome. DK used to do that, and I didn’t quite expect to find it again, but it’s wonderful, I must say. 😀


Damn she’s hot!!!!!

DK says:

I’m seeing that Ivan video cross-posted all over the place, and I still click every time. Oh, Ivan. *hearts him like whoa*

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