To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{April 27, 2010}   One step forward and two steps back. …Wait…

Short post!

I’ve been all anxious about sex again lately. Q and I were making out last night, and orgasming just wasn’t going to happen, and in fact, the only time it HAS happened lately was when I totally wasn’t expecting it. My old tapes are running through my head, and even when I get close I start thinking about whether or not it’s going to happen, and what to say if it’s not going to happen, and how much longer it’s going to take, and ta da! Suddenly I’m not close. VERY FRUSTRATING.

Q pointed out tonight, though, that the two of us have been getting closer (emotionally) and that could have something to do with it. She’s very right; creates more vulnerability and suddenly I care a lot more about what she thinks and if I’m putting her out and so on. So… a note to myself, really. Relax. It’s okay. Even when it’s one step forward and two steps back. 😦



There’s this great sex board game I once played where the goal was to make it to the finish line of the board without having an orgasm. The catch is everytime you roll the dice and move to a space closer to the finish line your partner gets to do something sexual listed on that space to you (and vice versa). So it’s actually quite difficult. What I love about the game is that you get to have so much more fun and so much more pleasure when you take the anxiety of TRYING to orgasm off the table. And the irony is that as soon as you stop telling yourself you HAVE TO orgasm, the easier it is to do!

JB says:

*LAUGHS!* Oh, man, I totally need a board game like that! It would play right into my competitive nature, too. Either I’d be pleased with myself for winning, or I’d be pleased because I orgasmed. Totally a win/win, there. ;-D


Q says:

I am so buying that board game if I can find it. The sheer shock value and your facial expression alone when I arrive with it will be reward enough, even if it never actually gets played. And, yes, I have a huge (mischievous) grin on my face right now. And, yes, I will laugh at you…but only because I like you so much and it will be laughter with the utmost respect.

JB says:

*cracks UP!* I would totally play that game with you. And I would laugh, too. *grins* Hmm, I know I’ve seen card games like that… ;-D


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