To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{May 2, 2010}   Femmeing it up!

I had an awesome day today! I talked to Q (who is in CO), got a feel-better package from my little sister (who found decaf holiday flavored coffee — I’m caffeine sensitive, and special coffees are almost NEVER decaf! — three books I love, a really sweet card, and an adorable black tank top!), had lunch with Nezu, and then (still with Nezu) went on The Hunt To Find Red Sandals.

See, I have various outfits that look absolutely adorable with red sandals. (Also, surprising flashes of red are never out of style.) (As a sidenote, my grandfather picked up ‘adorable’ as a verb for clothing at one point — teasing girls, I believe, and how we’d show off our clothes. He’d jokingly say, “It’s adorable.” I have no idea why he started this — I suspect it wasn’t nice, to begin with — but every time I say or think ‘adorable’ now I do it in his teasing “that’s cute, but mostly you’re funny” tone, but it makes me happy.)

Alas, my old red sandals were kind of… sad. 😦

So, so sad. RIP, fabulous red sandals.

But Nezu, being a good butch who quite likes watching femmes get all femmed up, drove me around hell’s half acre today and we found ADORABLE RED SANDALS. Uh, a couple of pairs. >.> But we were at Ross, and they were cheap, and I’m making stupid amounts of money at the moment (which is to say like, $2,500/month, which for me is INSANE. Shush. I just started  a business. I HAVE MAD BUDGETING SKILLZ.)

So first, we found the adorable-yet-sensible-red-shoes-that-will-look-fabulous-with-my-awesome-black-white-and-red-dress-along-with-other-things:

Ignore the non-matching, chipped toenail polish. I only have so many hours in my day, after all.

I can totally wear these for hours. They have enough of a heel to do good things to my legs, but they’re comfy and cute. Yay!

But then… well, then Nezu found The Most Amazing Red Shoes Ever That Will Look So Perfect With My White Dress (Among Other Things, Such As When I Am Wearing Nothing, Or Perhaps Only Lingerie. I Could Walk Nekkid Down The Street In These Shoes, And No One Would Mind.) I love them even though they have bows, and I am generally anti-bow! (It’s more a lace, really. >.>) And even though they are INSANELY high, and have skinny heels, which I’ve never actually owned before! I will have to practice walking in them. OMG! In fact, I’m going to make it a point to wear them over the next few weeks, because after my photo-shoot and wandering in them for twenty minutes, my feet muscles were tired! Oh, dear. I can fix that, though! Q will be sore from bull riding, I’ll be sore from wearing heels. Equally tough, really. ;-D

Look! Look at the fabulous red shoes!

Fabulous even with a war cap and jeans!

You have no idea how perfect they really are. I love red. My house has red accents — throw pillows, bath towels, picture frames! Even the animals get red.

Bobby was wise enough to be born with red.

So the shoes? They are FABULOUS.

AND, they were marked down to $13 (from $50), so I was frugal, too! 😀 Now I need to get some of those happy feet inserts and build up foot muscle, ohyes. And learn how to walk in them. (Mostly in the house. My practical side wins in that if I can’t ever walk in them, I’m taking them back. *sighs* I’ll have to train really hard!)

OMG! I love these shoes. 😀



Nezu says:

How ridiculous is it that I’m blushing and beaming over being called a “good butch”? I’m like Cash when you tell him he’s a good dog. *laughs*

I had an awesome time with you today, and those shoes are hot. OMG hot. You seriously need to practice with them and keep them. Also, you might look into those ball-of-the-foot adhesive-to-the-shoe cushion pads, which will help your toes not slide too far into the ends, which will in turn keep your heels far enough back and make balancing easier. (I should start a club, Butches Who Have Learned To Wear Heels At Some Point In Their Lives)

I’ll send you over the photo I took of the zebra shoes you didn’t get as soon as I get the pics downloaded tomorrow. Also will post up the pics you took of me.

Also I had no idea how bad the old sandals were. Thank god we found replacements, those old ones are mortally wounded.

Thank you for not making me throw myself on that grenade and destroy the hideous dress.


JB says:

*laughs!* You can thank Q for the ‘good butch’ comments. She’s the one who got me started saying that. ;-D

I AM TOTALLY PRACTICING! In fact, my calves were sore today! *laughs* I couldn’t believe it. ;-D And I’m so going to get some of those pad thingys! Mac swears by them. 🙂

Woot, photos! 😀

I know, poor old sandals. I kept trying to wear them anyway, and it just wasn’t working out. 😦

You’re a true friend. 😉


Chelsea says:

I actually never found inserts for heels, just for flat shoes! But I do know of some that other stew’s swore by 🙂
Also, when I was learning to walk in heels, what helped me was focusing on locking my knees before I put my foot on the ground. It kept me from doing that “creeping” thing that people do and forced me to put my weight on the ball without walking toe-heel (as opposed to heel-toe!).
If there’s no traction on the bottom of your shoe (some heels have absolutely none!), there are sticky things you can buy to keep you from sliding and making you more comfortable in taking a full stride. Oh yeah, if you also focus on taking a full stride (as opposed to a halved one which is common when wearing heels!), it will help you from doing that “creeping” thing as well!
Lol Hope this helps!!!

Phi says:

WOW those shoes are massively hot. Clearly I need to stop by Ross. (If you decide the heels are too high and you want to take them back, can I buy them from you?? You’re around size 5, right? I’ll pay for shipping and everything. :D)

JB says:

*dances!* Okay, here is my plan: I’m going to wear them outside tomorrow! If they end up not working out, I wn’t be able to take them back, but if you want to pay for postage I’ll send them to you. 😉 I wear a 6; these are a 7, but REALLY SMALL. So they may or may not work, just to let you know.

*grins* I love having femme friends. ;-D


yondergen says:

Whoa, hot shoes! And lucky butches…

JB says:

*laughs!* I’m so slinking around right now. Thank you. ;-D


Marste says:

You know what’s hilarious? In that PARTICULAR outfit, with the highhigh heels and the cuffed jeans and tank and ball cap . . . you look VERY L.A. Seriously. Like whoa. We need to get you down to Santa Monica, stat! 😉

JB says:

*laughs!* I know! Isn’t it hilarious? I kind of love it. ;-D I’ll be sure to wear this when we go make-up shopping. ;-D


Marste says:

Um, yes. You’ll fit right in!! *dies laughing*


Q says:

Um, yep, I can personally attest to the hotness of the heels. They do add a certain amount of (how shall I say?)….ahem, leverage. There are definite advantages to you being 2 inches taller than me on occasion.

JB says:

*grins* Definitely some advantages. Too bad I can’t wear them wine tasting… 😉


[…] took pics for me, because she is awesome like that. This was the same day I accompanied her on her quest for red sandals. More pics […]

G says:

Uh, okay. HOT. I love femmes who show off their shoes … whew! That makes us butches happy.

JB says:

*grins!* Thank you! 😀 It makes me slink around to know people are happy. 😉


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