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{July 23, 2010}   When Worlds Collide: Geeks Rock!

So, in my other life I’m a total comic book geek. And San Diego Comic Con, the BIGGEST comic book convention IN THE WORLD, is this weekend! But alas, I’m not going. 😦 Last time I went to ComicCon was a few years ago (there was a time when I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, but then I got a job. >.<), and I went like this:

You can’t see my stomach muscles in this pic, but I assure you, I did so many freakin’ crunches for the months ahead of time that I HAD THEM. I was quite sad they didn’t show up in photos. Oh well.

This year, the Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket ComicCon. THOSE FOOLS. I’m so proud of my fellow geeks right now, though. See, the denizens of ComicCon… decided to PICKET BACK. Hee. Hee hee. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They arrived with signs that said things like, “God hates kittens,” “Thor is my god,” “Your god got nailed to a cross. My god has a hammer,” “God loves gay Robin,” “Odin is God,” “God needs a starship,” “Superman loves fags,” “Fags are sexy beasts,” and so on. They even had a chant going: “What do we want? Gay sex! When do we want it? NOW!” One guy said into a microphone (in what I hope was a good Vader impression), “I find your lack of faith… disturbing.” And the best part? There were the usual handful of Westboro guys… and hundreds of fans.

Holy shit. I love my fellow geeks. I’m so proud right now!

You can read about it, and see LOTS of awesome pictures (including guys dressed up as Jesus, and Buddy Jesus, along with the more usual assortment of comic and movie characters) here.

And here.

And here and here and here. And there’s even video and whatnot, here!

Hee hee. Don’t mess with geeks. We mess back. 😀

Yes, that would be me in the middle...

PS if you hit those links, you should check the comments. They make me happy. 😀


Nezu says:

I was there! Momo and I were there, and it was all kinds of awesome to see and briefly be a part of the counter-protest. We particularly loved Bender from Futurama and his “Kill All Humans” sign, and the fellow with the “All Glory to the HypnoToad” sign. Also one of the Westboro nutjobs was wearing a skirt made out of a rainbow flag, which baffled us, especially because the person wearing it was a guy.

I wore my rainbow “Geek” button and my “God Loves Me” with a pink triangle for the “v” button.

But afterward I had nightmares last night about being chased by an angry mob of homophobes. Wake-up-sobbing nightmares. Pisses me off that those assholes were able to get under my skin.

JB says:

I saw pictures of Bender! That was awesome. *grins*

Obviously, all that Bible thumping severely damaged his fashion sense. *nods solemnly* And go gay buttons! 😀

Oh, man, I’m sorry you had nightmares. 😦 Were you with Momo? That way at least there’s someone to commiserate with!


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