To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{August 28, 2010}   No time, no time at all!

I’m in the middle of moving. After going to South Dakota, going home to SoCal, and attempting to write 10,000 words a week. I’m going to stay radio silent for a bit. 😦

BUT FIRST, I had someone recognize me today! Q stayed over last night, and bribed me out of bed this morning by promising me a latte. So we headed down, placed our orders, and then proceeded to snuggle and be generally disgustingly cute while our coffees were made. When the girl came back to the register, she said, “Two dollars. It’s the family discount.” And then she grinned.

OMG! She knew I was gay! And I didn’t have to say anything! It was totally awesome. Happened because I was with a butch, yes, but still! I got recognized!

I was as happy as this dog.

(Why yes, I totally did use this as an excuse to post that video. Hee hee.)



Jolie says:

Enjoy your vacation from words, but don’t forget to come back! Your absences are seen, too, my friend!


I love it when that happens! I had on Full Femme Regalia at work the other day and had a meeting with the editor of a local paper. She showed up at my office and SHE was CLEARLY a dyke. And I’m pretty sure based on the looks she was giving me that she knew I am, too. She was with a coworker of hers so she didn’t SAY anything, but I’m pretty certain. I was psyched! After 23-freaking-years of being a lesbian, being recognized as one by another lesbian (when I’m not in the company of a butch) is rare.

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