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{October 20, 2010}   Short story

Just a brief post, here. My gay publisher, Torquere Press, has a blog that their authors are allowed to guest-publish on for story promotion and so on. Today, the author opened it up to all of us to celebrate the repeal of DADT, so I said I’d post a short story.

I wrote one last night, not romantic, just a tiny little fiction story, but I’m actually quite pleased with it. I don’t often write short stories — more often I write “short” stories that are closer to 20 pages — so the fact that this one came out so nicely pleases me. 😀 If you’d like to check it out, it’s here: Numbers. The opening:

The cards kept blurring out of focus. He blinked, staring at them, trying to notice what he held.

A pair, and useless additional cards of each color. His mind skittered off the cards before he could take in the numbers.

They swam in front of his eyes to the beat of his heart. His skin flushed under the sun. A drumroll hammered in his ears; thrum-thrum. Thrum-thrum. Thrum-thrum. His mind was filled and blank, all at once. He’d been in battle, had survived gunfire and bombs.


His head snapped up. Around the trunk they were using as a table, five pairs of eyes watched him.

Also, today is the day to wear purple for anti-bullying. This is a no-bullying-tolerance zone. Hooray!



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