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{November 8, 2010}   Funny converasational snippets

I have my Q back. 🙂 We’re sitting on the couch, and talking about her comment on my butch/boi post, and I asked her about transitioning, which led her to asking if we’d had that conversation. I was like, ‘No…’ and she said she thought she remembered having it, that I had said I wouldn’t care if she transitioned. I thought about it, and we had this brief exchange:

Me: Maybe we had it in the abstract? Because I wouldn’t care.
Q: *sleepy smile* This is why I love bisexuals

I nearly killed myself laughing!



ulla says:

Lol cute. A femme gf asked me once to transition. I said no. Then she asked me if I’d mind her transitioning. I said yes. That got me into a lot of shit.

JB says:

*LAUGHS!* First off, I can’t imagine asking anyone to transition — I mean, wow, what a huge undertaking! I think I’d be a little scared if someone was going to do that for me, instead of for themselves! And second off… *laughs* I bet that did get you into a lot of shit! The more I hear about sexual orientation transitioning with… uh… the transitioner, the more I go, “Wow, we’d have to make sure we were really ready for that first!”

At least you were honest about it. 😉 (Though I bet she didn’t see it that way!)


ulla says:

nah she went off and posted on a trans board, where i know a whole lot of the people personally, that she was disappointed that her gf didn’t love her enough to accept it … and i guess my thing goes beyond gender as theory, i was an abused kid and i do have hangups about guys. sexual hangups, no other sort. so i was fairly distressed. anyway, interesting journeys all in all.

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