To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{December 29, 2010}   Discovering sexual insecurities, and blindfolds.

I have no time to blog, and so much I want to blog about. And then when I do get here to blog, I forget what I wanted to blog about. 😦

Ah, well. I remember this one thing, and I found it really interesting! So, after the post about how I still have things I’d like to try but don’t have the courage to mention them, (which, by the way, I did manage to mention to Q before she read the post — I was quite proud of myself! Or at least, I mentioned the bit I said I was going to, if not all the kinks I have. :D) Q went out and —

Right. Cutting, though this has more to do with sexual things I learned than what we did, precisely. Still.

Q went out and got wrist cuffs to put on her bed, and we experimented. πŸ˜€ We talked about it first, plenty that I was comfortable with everything. But it’s not the cuffs I want to talk about now, it’s the fact that we used a blindfold. It was really interesting, because being unable to see — well, of course it did the things you hear about, made my other senses that much more alert and all. But mostly what it did was make it so that I no longer wondered if I was making a funny face, and made it so that if I looked at what she was doing my eyes weren’t drawn to that pooch I dislike (or whatever). There was suddenly no self-consciousness. It was fascinating to me. I hadn’t been aware of how self-conscious I really am, in the moment.

Since then I’ve been trying to be less self-conscious and not notice it so much (almost impossible, but I’m trying).

For the rest of it — part of me wants to tell you how very hot the sex was and what we did, but most of me just doesn’t think it’s appropriate, even for my blog. Sorry, Q. I know you’d love to hear it, but I’ll just have to tell you in person. ;-D




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