To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{September 10, 2011}   Comment away!

I made a new comment policy. It says I can edit any comment of anyone being a douchebag. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I kind of love that function. >.>

I’m also taking off the moderation; I figure with a threat like that, people will probably behave. And if not, I’ll edit with impunity!



i’ve always had that policy… especially when my blog was a “personal” journey. ppl didn’t oblige. hence, the change to a fashion focus 🙂 but carry on and good luck!

JB says:

*laughs* Is it bad that I almost hope someone doesn’t oblige, so I can edit to my heart’s content? 😉


i fully support your comment policy, AND I just found you on a redirect AND I freaking Loooooove your name! I have a shared joke w my gf about a tool belt signal in the sky that she can see and say “femme in trouble! quick! to the butchmobile!’ and of course, that’d be a truck, rather than the compact car she actually drives… how silly did I feel that I hadn’t even considered the need for a femmemobile? holy cat! (hangs head in shame) I fool feelish.

JB says:

*grins* I’m glad you agree with my comment policy, and what a kick to hear about other people with -mobiles! 😉 I definitely approve of that butch signal light in the sky, too! Sometimes I suspect my boifriend has one… 😉



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