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{November 17, 2011}   Books, and marketing

So. I write books. Currently I have a straight, paranormal romance novella, a straight cowboy romance novel, a couple of gay romance short stories, three gay romance novels, and a gay romance fantasy series.

That last one is frustrating. I love it, it’s my favorite. HOORAY FOR FANTASY! WITH GAY PEOPLE! But I wrote it for Torquere Press, which is a gay romance publisher, and so it’s kinda romantic.

No, mostly it’s fantasy. With a subplot of love interest. But to make it publishable (and therefore sellable), I added sex. The thing is, it’s more fantasy than romance. I’d like to market it as fantasy… except that sex makes it officially romance/erotica, and that is SO ANNOYING. (Without the sex, getting it sold would have been MUCH HARDER, so I shouldn’t bitch too much. But I will, because…) It’s hard to get romance readers to read fantasy. It’s much easier to get fantasy readers to read romantic fantasy. In fact, they gobble it up.

So I’ve been contacting gay friendly fantasy review sites and pitching it, offering a free copy of the first story in trade for a review, but let me tell you: it’s kinda depressing. The third story in the series is out today, and each story is a little over 50 pages. So basically, there’s a novel out now. A short novel, but a novel. Only the romance fans aren’t sure about it because it’s fantasy, and the fantasy fans don’t know about it because it’s erotic. So incredibly frustrating.

…Anyone know gay-friend fantasy book review sites? >.<

Just for kicks, the series is:

Dragon Hunted

Getting eaten by a dragon wasn’t part of Ashe’s plan. Not that there was much of a plan to begin with, but it had definitely involved more chasing and less running. Ashe supposes there’s one good thing about all this: if he has to be trapped in a cave with a very large predator outside, at least he’s with Katsu, the company medic and Ashe’s current crush.

Even better, Katsu has enough knowledge of dragons and medicine that he might just be able to hatch an escape plan. Even better than that, Ashe is discovering that Katsu might not dislike him after all. It’s a small step, Ashe hopes, from not disliking him to something significantly more. That is, assuming they don’t get eaten first.

Dragon Traders

Getting abducted by slavers wasn’t part of the plan. Not that there was much of a plan to begin with, but it definitely involved more payment and fewer chains. Ashe can’t help but feel a bit of panic when the meeting to sell dragon eggs, which were hunted down weeks earlier, turns sour, and he ends up drugged, caged, and on his way to a land where elves are pets.

To make matters worse, the only person who has a chance of saving him is Katsu. Katsu, who after two weeks of sex is still an enigma. Katsu, who isn’t exactly the best combatant on the team. Ashe can only hope that this enigma might still have a few tricks up his sleeve, or Ashe’s fate is sealed.

Dragon Hatching

Becoming a host for a parasitic dragon wasn’t part of the plan. Actually, there wasn’t really any plan to begin with, but when the dragon egg hatches, Ashe figures it’s time to come up with one.

Katsu’s plans are failing miserably. His vast medical knowledge isn’t helping Ashe’s dragon situation, he’s having problems staying detached, and the other mercenaries are concerned about their lifeforce being sucked dry and want Ashe to leave. Katsu is determined that if Ashe leaves, so will he. First, though, he has to make sure that his people aren’t killed in battle… something they seem determined to do.

The first two in the series are 20% off right now, too!

And for the record, they’re actually selling well… I would just like them to get to a bigger audience. They’re good!



Maybe you could advertise your books at cons. Like Wiscon, or GeekGirlCon or Conbust or other small cons.

JB says:

That requires getting to the cons, though, which usually costs FAR more money than I make! I went to yaoiCon one year, and sold 2 books. >.< So I made about $1.50 and the ticket in, much less gas, cost $40… *sighs* At least that one's local, though!


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