To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{December 22, 2011}   …Whoa.

Totally unrelated to the last post, I just realized there have been almost 12,500 hits to this blog since I started it.

…holy shit. That’s a lot of people looking at my stuff. o.O

Uh… Here! Have my favorite Christmas song!

(These are not the Irish Rovers. These are young guys being funny. So just don’t look at the video if you want to hear the song; you can laugh at the video after. ;))

And, uh, My Drunk Kitchen! She’s lesbian. And seriously cute. 😀 (Oh, Q, she doesn’t hold a candle to you, dear. ;))



Rachel says:

I was so extra happy when I realized that she’s gay! I heart her!

JB says:

*laughs* Me too — on both fronts! I was relatively sure she was gay anyway, but then I saw it confirmed on her site. Somehow, it makes my minor crush (can it be called a crush, even? I’m not sure. I don’t want to do anything with her, I just want to send her cookies so she keeps making videos) even better.


Q says:

Oh honey, I think she’s damn cute too!! Teehee. No worries about that!:)

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