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{August 5, 2011}   I <3 Willie Nelson

{April 19, 2011}   Butches!

Oh, guys, this is awesome: Butches With Cute Animals. Awwwww! But my favorite month is April, because I just found out my boifriend, Q, is on there! Twice! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


{January 5, 2011}   Hot hot hot butches!

OMG. Time goes by, and I don’t see butch bodies because I’m not searching them out, and I swear, I forget. I forget how amazingly hot I think they are, and how much they turn me on. I mean, I know in an abstract sort of way, but…

Well. Then I see this, which only has a few butch/trans photos, but OMG I’m like, “Jesus Christ that’s HOT!”

Wow. I mean — wow. Wowee, even.

Okay, it’s also the fact that they’re half naked and OMFG muscles. *whimpers* Q is still as hot as these people, but I think because I SEE her regularly I’m like, “Hee hee, that’s mine,” but there’s not that first whoa-startle-stare reaction.

Holy god, Q is hot. πŸ˜€ And we’re both working on exercising again and getting back to the gym and eating better, so I have high hopes of us staying hot. And when I say ‘us,’ I mean ‘her.’

I also just finally clicked on the Butch Lab, and it makes me happy. So much eye candy! How could I not be happy? (Yes, I am totally objectifying and sexualizing those butches. No, I’m not reading the interviews. I’m just drooling. It’s awesome.)

Next, or at least soon: The study on femmes! Woot!


{November 25, 2010}   Ahh, Answering Questions

Saw this on The Femme’s Guide, and it made me laugh. It’s a video made about answering the question this particular femme hates the most.Β  Yeah, I love it when my definitions of things (like family; the people one chooses to surround themselves with, instead of the blood family who hates them) gets overridden by whatever the other person wants to hear… ;-D

I can’t embed the video, though, so the post is here!


{August 28, 2010}   No time, no time at all!

I’m in the middle of moving. After going to South Dakota, going home to SoCal, and attempting to write 10,000 words a week. I’m going to stay radio silent for a bit. 😦

BUT FIRST, I had someone recognize me today! Q stayed over last night, and bribed me out of bed this morning by promising me a latte. So we headed down, placed our orders, and then proceeded to snuggle and be generally disgustingly cute while our coffees were made. When the girl came back to the register, she said, “Two dollars. It’s the family discount.” And then she grinned.

OMG! She knew I was gay! And I didn’t have to say anything! It was totally awesome. Happened because I was with a butch, yes, but still! I got recognized!

I was as happy as this dog.

(Why yes, I totally did use this as an excuse to post that video. Hee hee.)


{July 30, 2010}   Fun stuff links

Hey, guys! Q found out about this awesome thing, and though we can’t make it this year I thought I’d pass it along!

It’s the Queer Biker Invasion of Death Valley, 2010!

Anyone out there have bikes? *grins*


So, in my other life I’m a total comic book geek. And San Diego Comic Con, the BIGGEST comic book convention IN THE WORLD, is this weekend! But alas, I’m not going. 😦 Last time I went to ComicCon was a few years ago (there was a time when I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, but then I got a job. >.<), and I went like this:

You can’t see my stomach muscles in this pic, but I assure you, I did so many freakin’ crunches for the months ahead of time that I HAD THEM. I was quite sad they didn’t show up in photos. Oh well.

This year, the Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket ComicCon. THOSE FOOLS. I’m so proud of my fellow geeks right now, though. See, the denizens of ComicCon… decided to PICKET BACK. Hee. Hee hee. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They arrived with signs that said things like, “God hates kittens,” “Thor is my god,” “Your god got nailed to a cross. My god has a hammer,” “God loves gay Robin,” “Odin is God,” “God needs a starship,” “Superman loves fags,” “Fags are sexy beasts,” and so on. They even had a chant going: “What do we want? Gay sex! When do we want it? NOW!” One guy said into a microphone (in what I hope was a good Vader impression), “I find your lack of faith… disturbing.” And the best part? There were the usual handful of Westboro guys… and hundreds of fans.

Holy shit. I love my fellow geeks. I’m so proud right now!

You can read about it, and see LOTS of awesome pictures (including guys dressed up as Jesus, and Buddy Jesus, along with the more usual assortment of comic and movie characters) here.

And here.

And here and here and here. And there’s even video and whatnot, here!

Hee hee. Don’t mess with geeks. We mess back. πŸ˜€

Yes, that would be me in the middle...

PS if you hit those links, you should check the comments. They make me happy. πŸ˜€

{July 11, 2010}   Silly exchanges

I have a lot of Serious Things to talk about. So instead I’m going to give you a mini-conversation had at the Fourth of July.

I found a new place to live! It’s a house behind a house, and my new landlord is gay so I don’t have to worry about him hitting on me and I can rest assured he won’t care Q is a woman. πŸ˜€ When I told my friend DoctorLady this, she laughed and said, “No, but he might hit on her!” (It’s true. Lots of gay men hit on Q. She’s just so damn masculine and freakin’ hot. They can’t help it. I can’t blame them. :D) I laughed like crazy, then of course told Q the next time I saw her (she laughed, too).

Then we were at the Fourth, and I told the group what Doc had said. Someone — maybe Doc’s friend? — said something like, “Aww, he’ll be so sad. You’ll have to explain Q doesn’t have cock!” To which Q looked entirely too smug and said, “Oh, I don’t know about that. It’s just not attached.”

We all howled. So Q, of course, continued.

“Heck, I have several of them.”

Me: “In various colors!” (The funniest thing was, Q said something very similar as I said it. Scary! *grins*)

I laughed so, so, so hard. (The only guy there looked very confused for a while, which made me laugh even harder.)

Good times. πŸ˜€


{June 9, 2010}   Writing!

This doesn’t really have to do with my femme identity, or anything else femme, but it is gay! Tomorrow I’m writing on the Torquere Press Blog, complete with talking about my new novel coming out, an old novel already out, a short story I hope to sell to Torquere soon, and a couple of paragraphs of a smutty excerpt at the end of the day. As of July 14th I’ll have four novels, one novella, and a short story (likely soon to be two — or even three) out. Of those, three of the novels and the short story(ies) are m/m romance, and one novel and the novella are m/f romance. So. Yes. I’m quite proud of myself. πŸ˜€

If you’d like to go read, or just enjoy m/m smut, I’d love to have you!


Q says I’m not talking about my sex life enough. I told her she was just looking for porn. She said if she wanted that, she’d buy my books (which she already does!). This made me laugh really hard. ;-D (She is, of course, right. Lots of soft porn in my books.)

Speaking of books, I bought Sometimes She Lets Me, which is a book of butch-femme erotic short stories. Some of the stories were really good, and worth buying the book for them. But too many of the hit my anti-kinks.Β  “Anti-kink?” I hear you cry. Yes, you know, the things that turn you off and make you twitch?

Now, I admit, I have a lot of anti-kinks. The SM aspect of BDSM is an anti-kink for me. Anybody cheating on anybody else is an anti-character-kink. The sex might be hot, but I despise the characters and so can’t identify with them or get into it. Girl/Daddy stuff is a borderline anti-kink; I’ve read it and been mostly okay with it, and I’ve read it and been really not okay with it. Depends on how it’s handled. Rape is definitely an anti-kink, though rape games I can deal with — they’re half a step from power games, and I like those. As long as everything is clearly fun and dandy (and non-bloody…), I can handle that.

So, as you can see, I have quite a list of anti-kinks — and a lot of them are common kinks for other people. It means any book of erotica I buy I know there’s going to be some I’m not interested in. That’s fine.Β  It’s true of everyone, after all. πŸ˜‰

All that said, I’ll probablyΒ  hand this book off to someone else. The cheating thing, specifically, was a problem for me. I’ll cut before reviewing to avoid any spoilers… πŸ˜‰

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