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{May 26, 2012}   Gay hair

So, I recently cut my hair (and put an awesome red stripe in the front, as well!). This happened about 3 months ago. Not too long after, I was standing in the midst of a party of mostly lesbians, and I realized… nearly everyone had short hair.

I went to Cancun on a lesbian resort, and… everyone had short hair.

I have gay hair.

It needs to be long again.

Don’t get me wrong: I have no problem with gay hair, and my haircut is super cute. But you know what? When it was chin-length it was longer than almost all the other gays I hung out with, and it got comments ALL THE TIME on how cute it was. Now I get compliments from straight people, and occasionally gay people, but mostly I think it looks like a lot of other gay haircuts so we’re used to seeing it. I don’t do well blending with the crowd.

I need a new haircut. It can’t be too long because I don’t want to deal with long hair (and Quin really doesn’t like long hair; since she has to look at me, I figure it’s only fair to take that into consideration!). I’m thinking chin-shoulder length. I have no idea what beyond that, but clearly I need a new cut. My life. She is hard. 😉

Hilariously, it does occur to me that I’ll likely be missed as gay again, if I grow my hair out. I mean, I’m still missed half the time now, but I’ll REALLY be overlooked. Oh well. It’s worth it!


I can’t believe I have a hair tag…

I have brilliant things to tell you all about. Starting with my hair. (What do you mean that’s not brilliant? Okay, okay, I have other brilliant things to tell you, but they’re on my Vaio which is not currently hooked up to the internet. So instead of brilliant things, you’re going to hear about my hair. Shuddup.)

(This is really hilarious, because when I first started identifying as femme, I went around foaming at the mouth going, “There is more to femme than YOUR FREAKIN’ APPEARANCE,” which is still true, but I’m going to talk about my hair anyway.)

(In fact, I would argue that for at least some femmes — like me — it’s not about appearance at all and is more about the energy and dynamics and behavior patterns, but there is this obsession with how femmes look and it does kind of drive me crazy. I mean, there’s the obsession in that we’re invisible and that really kind of sucks — yes, I DO have a post on that to write up at some point, but in the meantime go read what G and her commenters and linkspam said — but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about this obsession with what we’re wearing at the moment, which I am TOTALLY about to feed into. I know, I know, hypocrisy at it’s finest. But this isn’t about me being femme, it’s about my HAIR. Which is awesome or not, whatever my gender identity is.)

(Who is master of tangents and parenthesis? BOOYAH.)

Anyway, I’m here in Orlando, Fla — WAIT! Back up. I’m here with my family, at Disneyworld, where there has been only one babybutch (who was ADORABLE. More on her and butches at D-world when I get my other laptop online) I’ve seen so far. Alas. — Okay! Start over again. I’m here in Orlando, Fla, where the state apparently decided to remind me of what Toronto was like by having RECORD BREAKING COLD.

Let me just repeat that, for clarification. RECORD BREAKING COLD. I am only a snow bunny when a drive down the mountain will put me back in T-shirt weather, okay?

I broke away from my family today (I can only have so much family time before bloodshed occurs, no matter how much my family and I love each other) and wandered around EPCOT and then the Magic Kingdom in the drizzle. I can’t say rain. Even my Southern California raised self has to acknowledge that it wasn’t rain, it was drizzle. Though drizzle makes me think of pizzle which makes me think of penis, and then the twelve year old boy who lives inside me snickers. *sighs*

So the upshot of this long and meandering tale is just to say that I fixed my hair before I left the villa (oh yeah, I love having a sister who works for Disney), and then it got drizzled on (all together now… eeewwww…) and now… it’s really darn cute. Definitely less… hrm. Aggressive, shall we say, than it normally looks, but a lot funkier than when I just let it air dry. If only I could get it to do this without standing in drizzle.

Yeah, I know, this whole long post just to play the femme and tell you about my hair. Shuddup. There’s more to femme than that, I swear! 😉


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