To The FemmeMobile! Away!

{May 2, 2010}   Femmeing it up!

I had an awesome day today! I talked to Q (who is in CO), got a feel-better package from my little sister (who found decaf holiday flavored coffee — I’m caffeine sensitive, and special coffees are almost NEVER decaf! — three books I love, a really sweet card, and an adorable black tank top!), had lunch with Nezu, and then (still with Nezu) went on The Hunt To Find Red Sandals.

See, I have various outfits that look absolutely adorable with red sandals. (Also, surprising flashes of red are never out of style.) (As a sidenote, my grandfather picked up ‘adorable’ as a verb for clothing at one point — teasing girls, I believe, and how we’d show off our clothes. He’d jokingly say, “It’s adorable.” I have no idea why he started this — I suspect it wasn’t nice, to begin with — but every time I say or think ‘adorable’ now I do it in his teasing “that’s cute, but mostly you’re funny” tone, but it makes me happy.)

Alas, my old red sandals were kind of… sad. 😦

So, so sad. RIP, fabulous red sandals.

But Nezu, being a good butch who quite likes watching femmes get all femmed up, drove me around hell’s half acre today and we found ADORABLE RED SANDALS. Uh, a couple of pairs. >.> But we were at Ross, and they were cheap, and I’m making stupid amounts of money at the moment (which is to say like, $2,500/month, which for me is INSANE. Shush. I just started  a business. I HAVE MAD BUDGETING SKILLZ.)

So first, we found the adorable-yet-sensible-red-shoes-that-will-look-fabulous-with-my-awesome-black-white-and-red-dress-along-with-other-things:

Ignore the non-matching, chipped toenail polish. I only have so many hours in my day, after all.

I can totally wear these for hours. They have enough of a heel to do good things to my legs, but they’re comfy and cute. Yay!

But then… well, then Nezu found The Most Amazing Red Shoes Ever That Will Look So Perfect With My White Dress (Among Other Things, Such As When I Am Wearing Nothing, Or Perhaps Only Lingerie. I Could Walk Nekkid Down The Street In These Shoes, And No One Would Mind.) I love them even though they have bows, and I am generally anti-bow! (It’s more a lace, really. >.>) And even though they are INSANELY high, and have skinny heels, which I’ve never actually owned before! I will have to practice walking in them. OMG! In fact, I’m going to make it a point to wear them over the next few weeks, because after my photo-shoot and wandering in them for twenty minutes, my feet muscles were tired! Oh, dear. I can fix that, though! Q will be sore from bull riding, I’ll be sore from wearing heels. Equally tough, really. ;-D

Look! Look at the fabulous red shoes!

Fabulous even with a war cap and jeans!

You have no idea how perfect they really are. I love red. My house has red accents — throw pillows, bath towels, picture frames! Even the animals get red.

Bobby was wise enough to be born with red.

So the shoes? They are FABULOUS.

AND, they were marked down to $13 (from $50), so I was frugal, too! 😀 Now I need to get some of those happy feet inserts and build up foot muscle, ohyes. And learn how to walk in them. (Mostly in the house. My practical side wins in that if I can’t ever walk in them, I’m taking them back. *sighs* I’ll have to train really hard!)

OMG! I love these shoes. 😀



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